We specialize in CNC machining, investment casting, die casting, gravity casting, forging.

Lucky stone is committed to delivering prompt solutions for your demand. We will work together with you to overcome challenges once occured. During last 10 years, we have gotten good reputation in ODM/OEM market for metal products.

  • Your one-stop supplier of customized metal parts !

  • Focusing on High-quality Metal parts supplier !

Lucky stone offered following services:
1.Design/redesign service
2.Complete in house molds/tools making
3.Green sand casting
4.Resin sand casting
5.Lost wax steel casting
6.Silicon sol stainless steel casting
7.Steel/brass/aluminum drop forging
8.CNC machine work service for Alu., brass, iron, steel and stainless steel items
9.Heat treatment & Surface treatment
10.Inspection or quality checking for other samples/products
11.Samples/products purchasing from other manufactures
12.Combined shipment delivery with other products

We provide ONE-Stop service and will be your BEST partner in China.